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Airofresh Dust Mask

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Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Production 10 Lakh Piece Every Month
Delivery In 4 Days
Size availability Free Size
Other Details 100 Pieces Packet ,1200 Carton, 5000 Pieces Bag
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Keep the air around you clean with the Airofresh Dust Mask. This mask is made of high-quality, non-woven fabric specially designed to filter out particles. With the dust mask, you can be assured that your nose and mouth are protected from any harmful substances in the air. The mask can be adjusted to fit most adults and children, and it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is easy to use and requires no batteries or filters. The Airofresh Dust Mask is perfect for people who work in areas exposed to particulates. The mask will filter out any harmful substances in the air, leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed. We are the best Airofresh dust Mask Manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Safeguard from Dust, toxic and air
  • Can be used by any gender
  • Easy breathing features with air filters

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Airofresh A101 Yellow Colour Dust Mask


Airofresh 101 Grey Colour Dust Mask


Airofresh A-44 Yellow Colour Dust Mask


Airofresh A-410 Yellow Colour Exhalation Valve Mask


Airofresh A-FF-N95 Face Mask


Airofresh A-FFV-N95 Face Mask


Airofresh A-44 Grey Dust Mask


Airofresh A-410 Grey Colour Exhalation Valve Mask

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