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Fire Retardant Coverall

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Fire retardant cotton
Color availability Blue
Size availability Available in different sizes
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Product Description

Fire Retardant Coverall is designed for the workers who work in extreme conditions to keep them safe from high temperature, flame, fire, burn. Fire retardant material is the material that can protect the wearer from any flame, fire, or thermal injury. Fire retardant clothing in India protects workers exposed to high temperatures. Coveralls are made from fire retardant clothing that protects the body from heat and comfort workers working in extreme temperatures. The material used to create Fire Retardant Coverall is aramid, and the temperature bearing capacity of this fire retardant coverall is 160 degrees C.

Fire Retardant Suit Specification

  • The material used in a fire retardant suit is non flammable and is naturally fire resistant. Such materials can catch fire quickly, but they are also self extinguishing.
  • The external layer of the clothing is flame resistant.
  • The uniqueness of a fire retardant dress is that the fabric used in this suit helps the fire burn slowly, slowing the fire's spread.
  • The price of the fire retardant suit is also affordable when the order is placed in bulk quantity.

Why Choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Fire Retardant Coverall Manufacturers and Suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India as the fire retardant coverall can slow down the spread of fire. This can be the best protective workwear for your worker and their safety. Balaji Industries is one of the renowned fire retardant clothing manufacturers India.


  • Protects from molten metal splashes
  • Reduces the risk of serious injuries and severe burns on skin

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