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FR Clothing Against Molten Metal Splash

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Flame resistant fabric
Color availability Available in different colors
Size availability Available in different sizes
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Prodct Description

The FR Clothing Against Molten Metal Splash is a flame-retardant garment protecting the wearer against a molten metal splash that causes severe damage. If a molten metal splash occurs, the wearer is protected from the melting metal. This clothing is made from durable material designed to withstand high temperatures of molten steel. The FR Clothing garments have various safety features: zipper front, cuffs, and snap front. These clothes are a fantastic option to shield yourself from injury. It is a complete bodysuit, which is made to resist fire. These protector suits can stop a hot metal splash from getting touched by the body of the wearer and possibly causing serious injury.
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steam protective clothing

The Steam Protective Clothing is a garment that protects wearers from steam's heat and dangers. It is designed to safeguard the wearer from the dangers of burning steam. The fabric used in the garment does not absorb and hold water. If you're looking to protect yourself from the damaging results of steaming hot, Steam Protective Clothing is the most suitable and ideal choice for you. Hood also provides extra protection from steam. In addition, the zipper is of all lengths, which makes it simple to take off and put on. These suits are constructed from elastic and come in various sizes.

Features of FR Clothing Against Molten Metal Splash

  • The material used for such clothes is aluminised material. The outer layer is created with aluminised fabrics that reflect maximum heat.
  • During operational activities, the fabric used in the suit protects the wearer from radiant heat and maximum injuries.
  • The molten metal protective clothing also safeguards the wearer from molten metal hazards.
  • The inner layer is used for thermal insulation.
  • This molten metal suit is available in different sizes.
  • This clothing is the overall solution for all fire-related hazards.

  • Why choose Balaji Industries?

    We are the best FR Clothing Against Molten Metal Splash manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Balaji Industries manufacture these suits using the finest fabrics. We design and construct these garments using the highest quality fabrics, which make the suits more secure during combat. Our facility is staffed by an excellent team to create safety suits for firefighters and other workers. Balaji Industries is a trusted firm that manufactures safety suits.


    • Protects from molten metal splashes
    • Reduces the risk of serious damages and painful burns on skin
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