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Chemical Safety Suit

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Material Used High-Grade Polyester(PVC)
Color Range Multi-Colored
Size range Multi-sized(small, medium, large)
Grade For Firefighters and Chemical Workres
Creation Made in India
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Product Description

Chemical protective suits protect employees from dangerous substances, damaging particles, dust, and toxic liquids. These chemical protective suits are made with a high-grade polyethylene wall, providing safety to chemical workers. These chemical Apparels prevent harmful pollutants and impurities from reaching inner clothes. These suits have been designed with essential security features to ensure complete protection while at work. The suit can be weightless or heavy-duty, depending on how much safeguard is needed. You can find the suit in many sizes.

Chemical protective clothing

Chemical Protective suits are High-quality, durable and comfortable protection suits to handle chemical substances that are hazardous to your health. When choosing chemical protective clothing, the most crucial aspect is resistance power. Chemical protective clothing is created to resist specific chemicals. This protective clothing is made to be resistant against dangerous acid, chemicals, liquid, etc. When the wearer comes in contact with the chemical, these suits will resist and decrease the risk of injuries. The chemical-resistant clothing is ideal for people who must deal with chemicals. These chemical resistive suits consist of hoods, boots, and gloves that provide complete safeguard.

Industrial safety dress

Industrial Safety dresses are tough, lightweight, and breathable dresses specifically created to shield workers from chemical splashes, low-level radiation, as well as extreme temperatures. The dress comes with an enclosed hood and gloves with wrist restraints. The safety dress for industrial use comes in different sizes offers comfortable fitting to chemical workers. Industrial safety dresses are the latest trend in industries. These suits are lightweight and are made from eco-friendly materials. Our company provides short and long sleeves regardless, ensuring comfortable workers. Industrial workers are more exposed to any chemicals which are harmful to them. Wearing a suitable safety dress becomes essential for them.

Why Choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Chemical Safety Suit Manufacturers and Suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. If you're the owner of chemical industries, the safety of workers should be your top priority. The bad quality of chemical suits can endanger workers' health and fitness. Hence it has become crucial to buy these chemical suits carefully. You can trust Balaji industrial in terms of safety products.

We manufacture and supply top chemical safety suits at the lowest price. Our industry is implementing high-grade manufacturing techniques to produce superior Chemical Safety Suit for Workers. Our company follows the most advanced safety protocols. We recheck and verify all safety measures of suits with the help of professionals and experts. Many organizations have trusted us and bought chemical safeguard suits from our company.


  • Safeguard from Dust, toxic air, and liquid.
  • Applicable for any gender
  • Fully sealed from Air and Water.
  • Comes in a different size.

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