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Turnout Gear

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Heat Resistance Upto 350 degree
Material Utilize Nomex and Kevlar
Color availability Accessible in different colors
Size availability Available in different sizes
Origin Made in India
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Product Description

Turnout gears are designed to protect firefighters from guarding them against fire emergencies. With the help of fire department turnout gear, firefighters can be assured that they are protected to the fullest extent by using only the highest quality equipment available. Turnout Gear includes jackets, shirts, and more to ensure your safety for complete protection. Turnout gears, also called bunker gears, are constructed from long-lasting materials and textiles. Fully equipped gears will guard you against extreme heat and fire. Heads and Legs are secured by wearing hoods and pants comfortable boots. They are designed to stand up to any weather circumstances and make you as comfortable as possible. Turnout gear withstands extreme heat and long-lasting necessary to guard workers and firefighters. Selecting a good corporation for manufacturing safety suits becomes essential. Balaji Industries in the best Turnout Gear Manufacturers.

Lion turnout gear

Lion turnout gear provides firefighters the highest level of protection. The gear for turning out is constructed from durable and long-lasting materials, and it comes with an extremely tough layer. The gear is well-insulated and has strong enough to safeguard firefighters. It also comes are simple to remove and put on. The equipment comes in various sizes and is suitable. Balaji industries are the best Lion turnout gear manufacturers.

Dupont turnout gear

Dupont turnout gear is a unique product created to ensure that firefighters are safe in all situations. Dupont turnout gear is constructed from durable fabrics designed to withstand the stress of fire situations. It is made to be light and has various advantages. It comes in various sizes to fit firefighters. Dupont gear is easily cleaned and maintained. Balaji industries are the best Dupont turnout gear manufacturers.

Types of Turnout Gears

Nomex Suit EN469 Certified

Nomex Suit EN469 Certified suits shield the wearer from harmful chemicals, extreme heat, and even flame. The Nomex Fire Proximity Suit comprises with highest quality materials and fabric. This fabric provides the highest protection from flame specially created to protect your body from any injury that could result from extreme heat or fire. These suits come with a jacket and pants that conform complete safety of firefighters. These suits are breathable fabric resistant to flames and protect the wearer. The Nomex Fire Proximity Suit is widely employed in industrial and emergency fire situations. The suit is lightweight, which means firefighters do not wear it without issue. The suits have to clear various quality tests before being accessible to the firefighters. The suit has a hood, zipper on the front with elastic cuffs, and an enhanced spine. Balaji industries are the best Nomex Suit EN469 Certified Manufacturers.

Flame Resistant Cloth

The flame-resistant cloth is the protective clothing type developed to protect firefighters during emergencies. The suit is made from excellent material, with various advantages like working close to burning flames. When a situation arises, it is possible to have an opportunity that the firefighter may be exposed to additional hazards, such as fire and chemical liquids. Thus, properly designed and functional components offer the appropriate level of protection against thermal stress and potentially hazardous liquid's electrical and physical dangers. It is washable, tough, lightweight, and breathable, meaning it cannot block firefighters' movement. Balaji industries are the best Flame Resistant Cloth Manufacturers.
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Why choose Balaji Industries?

Balaji Industries is among the top Turnout Gear Manufacturers and Suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer flexible safety equipment essential for firefighters. We provide the most high-grade fire safety products that safeguard firefighters and workers. We know the proper procedures and the importance of fire safety products. That's we construct excellent and comfortable suits for workers. We have used only the finest materials for manufacturing turnout gears. We design these suits based on the size and fittings of various firefighters. We have qualified and experienced workers of the highest grade. We provide these Turnout gear for sale at the lowest price. Our products include fire-proof suits, globe turnout gear, Safety suits, chemicals suits, Safety gloves, shoes, fire suits, and other items.


  • Maintains thermal protection
  • Helps in extinguishing outside fires

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Nomex Suit EN469 Certified

Nomex Suit EN469 Certified

Flame Resistant Cloth

Flame Resistant Cloth