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Fire Blankets

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Heat Resistance Upto 550-1000 degree
Material Utilize Woolen Fabric
Color availability Accessible in different colors
Size availability Free Size
Benefit Highly fire and flame resistant
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Product Descritption

Fire Blankets are like security equipment that help in putting out fires. These Fiberglass blankets can be folded and stored. They are helpful to smother fires by preventing oxygen from entering inside blankets. The ideal fire blanket for homes is strong and easy to use to protect people from burning in the case of fire. Firefighters use these fire blankets. It is made from materials used to reduce the effect of fire flames. The fire blanket can be described as designed to put out flames. It is typically employed as the last resort to end the flame. The best type of blanket is heavier and comes with a metal clasp. Safety becomes important while choosing these safety blankets. Balaji Industries is the best Fire Blanket Manufacturers.
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Types of Fire Blankets

High Insulation Welding Blankets

They are made from a tough insulation material that can bear high temperatures. The insulation cloth is extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, which means it will not melt under extreme heat. The blankets are designed to shield welding workers. The blankets are tough and flexible, and easy to wear. The High-Impedance Welding Blankets have been made to decrease the amount of heat lost due to welding heat. The blankets are made to protect welding elements and can be folded for simple storage. These blankets decrease the loss of heat when welding. Balaji Industries is the best High Insulation Welding Blankets Manufacturers.

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Fibre Glass Blankets

The term "fiberglass blanket" refers to a piece of fiberglass covered with a tube or any other structure to create insulation. Fibre Glass Blankets can shield tanks, pipes, and other containers. It is also used in welding areas. Fibre Glass Blankets can be composed of several glass fibers layers. This kind of insulation is not typically used in homes. Fibre Glass Blankets are composed of fiberglass. They are put in place to wrap them around the item to be shielded. These blankets are an amalgamation of cotton and glass. The most popular dimensions are 24" 100' x 24". It is a blanket made of fiberglass suitable for projects requiring the highest insulation level. Balaji Industries is the best Fibre Glass Blankets Manufacturers.

Aluminized Blankets

Aluminised blankets are high-tech fabrics made with an aluminum coating. They offer a remarkably comfortable and long-lasting alternative to the other safety blanket. These blankets are constructed with multiple layers of aluminum on the inside. Aluminised blankets have an incredibly reflective surface that is extremely cozy and warm. Aluminised blankets are available in various sizes and colors to satisfy your necessities. It also features a waterproof backing to prevent the heat from leaving and has soft cotton on the exterior. They are extremely weightless and easily positioned. Aluminised Blankets can be used to provide extremely high insulation. Balaji Industries is the best Aluminized Blankets Manufacturers.

Water Gel Blankets

Water gel blankets are eco-friendly, long-life, and not harmful for humans. The blanket is constructed of excellent woolen fabric that benefits firefighters and victims. Water Gel Blanket is unique cloth firefighters use during trouble fire conditions. Firefighters can easily help victims by putting these gel-based blankets on them, which help remove and absorb fire. These are Possible thanks to Water gel-based blankets. The blanket with water gel can protect victims and firefighters from getting captured in a fire. These blankets make it cool to feel. The gel layer helps heal burns, absorbs body heat, and provides a cooling effect. These blankets are designed to safeguard victims captured in the fire. The water gel material has soft and has a fuzzy texture. Balaji Industries is the best Water Gel Blankets Manufacturers.

Burn Cure Blankets

The blanket is used to treat burns, reduce the pain, speed up healing, and act as a first aid blanket. It is assembled of an exclusive fabric that is water-resistant and light. It is utilized as a barrier to block air from the burn area. It's very comfortable and is cool to feel. It is made of a special material that absorbs heat and reduces the upper skin's layer temperature. The Burn Cure Blanket is a special blanket designed for victims caught inside serious burns. Burn Cure Blanket is the only product that can offer the healing benefits of cold treatment for burns. The cold packs can remove and be replaced to accommodate various dimensions and the depth of burns. This Burn Cure Blanket comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The smaller size is best for burns on hands, arms, or legs. Balaji Industries is the best Burn Cure Blankets Manufacturers.

First Aid Blankets

A first-aid blanket makes a great accessory to every emergency. It's made to be simple to carry, small, and light. The blanket is constructed of soft, breathable fabric. A First Aid Blanket is a blanket designed to help those suffering from shock, disclosure, or hypothermia. The First Aid Blanket is not designed to safeguard against injuries from falls or other accidents. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it easy to transport to other locations. It's ideal for emergencies, either synthetic or natural. It is made from non-allergenic materials and is washable using water and soap. The blanket is waterproof, and also it has a great insulation value. Balaji Industries is the best First Aid Blankets Manufacturers.

Trauma Blanket

Trauma Blanket is a lightweight self-warming blanket that offers the most comforting, soft, and gentle feeling to those suffering from burns and bleeding. It is weightless, foldable, and comes in various sizes. The Trauma Blanket is an item that can help keep an individual warm following an injury. The Trauma Blanket is suitable for both youngsters and grown-ups. These blankets can provide a relaxing sensation for 20 to 30 minutes. The blanket is suitable for use in different locations, such as shelters, hospitals, and care facilities. These blankets have been made to be used in emergencies when it's difficult to keep one's body temperature. These blankets are made with high-grade materials that are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Balaji Industries is the best Trauma Blanket Manufacturers.

Ceramic 3mm Blanket

This Ceramic 3mm Blanket is a comfortable, warm blanket ideal for couch surfing, camping, or family trips. These blankets are made with cost-effective material that is easy to clean and has a soft texture. The ceramic 3mm blankets are extremely high in strength, flexible, and burn-curing. They are produced with high-quality albuminous silicate fibers. They are available at a competitive cost and are highly appreciated by consumers for their performance. These blankets are used for industrial and high-temperature insulation. Balaji Industries is the best Ceramic 3mm Blanket Manufacturers.

Asbestos blankets

Firefighters are exposed to numerous hazardous toxins, including asbestos. It is also breathable, so the Asbestos Blanket could be tailored to fit anyone making it easy to wear for extended durations. Asbestos Blanket is made from a fire-resistant fabric that fully protects the body. The Asbestos Blanket is a universal solution to the dangers of asbestos exposure. Asbestos Blanket is ideal for construction sites and other places where asbestos is a concern. It is a cost-effective and secure way to safeguard yourself from asbestos-related hazards, and an asbestos Blanket is a secure and economical way to shield yourself. Asbestos Fire Blanket is made with top-quality stone cotton. Balaji Industries is the best Asbestos blankets Manufacturers.

Non Asbestos blankets

The Non-Asbestos Blanket can be described as an affordable, simple-to-use, durable item. This Non-Asbestos Blanket is made of an extremely durable plastic resistant to heat, water-resistant, and won't absorb water. It's designed to safeguard from the flames and heat of igniting the fire. It is a light material that is easy to put up and take down. The Asbestos Blanket is a fireproof blanket constructed of extremely resistant and high-temperature fabric. It is easy to wear and remove. Asbestos Blanket is a low-cost solution to safeguard your home from fire hazards. These blankets come in different sizes and colors. Balaji Industries is the best Non Asbestos blankets Manufacturers.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

Balaji Industries is the best Fire blankets Manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer the top quality safety products with good quality and standards. We sell out these blankets for sale at a low price. The Blankets are designed to defend you from fire and intense flames. Fire resistance blankets are light in weight and are comfortable. The blankets are constructed with top-quality polyester fabric materials. The safety aspect is the most crucial element. The suits are tested in different conditions to ensure safety. Our Products also include turnout gear, fire entry suits, chemical suits, cut resistance gloves, and other safety products.


  • Afforable, easy to store and easy to use
  • Helps in extinguishing outside fires

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