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Trauma Blanket

Trauma Blanket

A Trauma Blanket is a product that can be used to keep someone warm after an injury. The trauma blanket is made of polyester, has an outer layer that is water-resistant and is machine-washable. It also has a cotton inner layer that is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The Trauma Blanket can be used for adults and children. This blanket is specially designed to be used in emergency situations where it is difficult to maintain a person's body temperature. It can be used as a heat source, or as a reflective barrier to shield from the cold.

Why choose us ?

We are the best Trauma Blanket manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We provide incredibly weightless and adjustable suits, gloves, and other safety products. We offer the highest level, and standard blankets like - Water Gel Blanket, Aluminium Blankets etc.

Trauma Blanket Specifications
  • Brand Name - Balaji Industries
  • Thickness - 2mm
  • Color- Silver
  • Material Used - Aluminium Cloth

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