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Burn Cure Blanket

The Burn Cure Blanket is a revolutionary innovation in the world of burn care. Made of a special fabric that will absorb heat and lower the surface temperature of the skin, this blanket can be used to treat burns, minimize pain, and accelerate healing, and act as a first aid blanket. The Burn Cure Blanket is a specialized blanket for use on patients with severe burns. The blanket is made of a special material that is water-resistant and that is very lightweight. It can be washed and dried easily and can be used as a barrier to keep air away from the burned area. It is very breathable and cool to the touch.

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We are the best supplying Burn Cure Blanket manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharastra, India. We provide incredibly weightless and adjustable suits, gloves, and other safety products. We offer the highest level, and standard products are available with us.

Burn Cure Blanket Specifications
  • Brand Name - Balaji Industries
  • Thickness - 3mm
  • Color - white
  • Material Used - Fibre

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