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Industrial Uniform

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Cotton fabric
Color availability Different colors available
Size availability Available in different sizes
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Product Description

We Balaji Industries provides Industrial Uniforms one-stop-shop for various workwear needs. From footwear to manufacturing safety products to clothing, we provide various products for various industries. They have a large variety of pants and shirts in various colors and sizes, and they offer a large variety of outerwear options. They also have a large selection of work boots, including steel-toed and non-steel-toed.

Industrial Uniform Specification

Industrial Suit

The durable, dependable, and stylish Industrial Suit is the perfect clothing option for those who work in hazardous environments. This suit provides comfort and safety to those who need it. It is resistant to tears, punctures, and rips. It is made of a soft fabric that is resistant to chemicals and blood. The Industrial Suit has an adjustable fit and can be worn with or without a hard hat.

Industrial Trouser

Industrial trousers are a tough and durable workwear option. These tough trousers are designed to be used in a variety of work environments. They are tough enough to withstand tough environments, but comfortable enough to wear all day. These tough trousers are designed to be worn for a variety of work environments.

Industrial Gloves

The high-quality and affordable Industrial Gloves are perfect for the job site. With their durable and water-resistant construction, these gloves will be able to stand up to any tough conditions. The gloves come in a variety of sizes and colors, including navy blue, brown, and black. They are perfect for work with any material, including glass, stone, steel, concrete, and wood.

Industrial Jacket

Prestigious businesses around the world have been using the Industrial Jacket for years to protect their employees from the harsh environment of the factory. The jacket is made of a thick, durable material that can withstand a variety of hazards. The pockets are designed to carry a phone, pen, notepad, and tools for your trade. The inside of the jacket is lined with a waterproof material to keep you dry in wet environments. With the high-visibility color, you can be seen in any light condition.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Industrial Uniform Manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We provide durable and flexible protection suits that are suitable for any firefighter. We also designed these suits according to the firefighters' height, size, and physical condition. We employ only the most experienced personnel to make these products. We provide fire entry suits for sale on an affordable budget and with a high value.


  • Protects workers in difficuilt situations
  • Reduces the risk of injuries and burns on skin while working

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