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Fire Retardant Clothing

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Fire retardant cotton
Color availability Available in different colors
Size availability Available in different sizes
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Product Description

Fire retardant clothing is protective clothing that protects you from intense heat. These suits are made with synthetic fibers resistant to heat and fire, protecting the wearer from serious burns. They are also brighter in hue to ensure that firefighters are immediately recognized in a crisis. The clothes include jackets, hoods, gloves, and boots. It is simple to wash these clothes. The fire-resistant clothes are made to protect you from the danger of fire. The clothes are made with a fabric that will not drip or burn and protect from sparks and flames. These clothes are available in various colors and styles, perfect for every person.
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Fire retardant fabric

The most effective way to ensure you are protected from fire danger is to ensure that it's made from the material. The material used to construct safety products should be made of top-quality that will aid in protecting from the harmful effects of a fire. Fire retardant fabric is specially designed to be flame resistant, and this fabric is the perfect choice for any firefighter. This fabric is used in most protective suits to safeguard the wearer against fires.

Fire Retardant Clothing Specification

  • The fire retardant fabric is chemically treated to self extinguish.
  • The material self extinguishes and does not melt, which is the best feature as it protects the wearer from maximum damage caused to the skin.
  • Materials like acrylic, polyester, and nylon are considered fire retardant fabrics to bear high temperatures.
  • The fire retardant clothing is available in different sizes and colors.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are among the industry's recognized names as Fire Retardant Clothing manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Balaji Industries offers safety suits containing all the essential elements essential for firefighters and workers. We ensure that every safety component is in our clothing and make them more durable in a situation of combat.


  • This clothing, when it catches fire, self-extinguishes or burns excessively slow
  • Reduces the risk of serious injuries and severe burns on skin

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