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FR Clothing Against Flash Fire

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Flame resistant fabric
Color availability Different colors available
Size availability Available in different sizes
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Product Description

FR Clothing Against Flash Fire a line of fire-resistant clothing designed to protect firefighters and workers in all kinds of emergency circumstances. Its FR Clothing Against Flash Fire line includes a variety of garments for complete safeguard. As the name suggests, these clothes are made to withstand a flash fire. The clothing will protect from the intense heat and flames. These clothes are perfect for a firefighter or someone who works in a high-risk environment. These suits are all made of strong fabric that can withstand flash fire. The suit is tested and approved by smart professionals. Furthermore, the item is environmentally safe.

Fire resistant clothing for welding

It is advised to wear protective clothing against fire when welding. The welding clothing consists of hoods and pants that keep away sparks and heat. They will ensure that the welder's head and legs remain protected from burns. These clothes are light and comfortable. The welding suit is an excellent idea for anyone looking to use welding equipment and needs security. Welding professionals concerned about safety can purchase protective clothing made of tough material to protect them from the extreme heat while welding procedures. The clothes are made of non-flammable materials that will not melt or burn when exposed to the extreme heat of welding. They are relaxing and come in different sizes. They keep workers safe from fires and sparks when working. They ensure that the worker is safe from burning.

Importance of FR Clothing Against Flash Fire

  • It self extinguishes. The material used in the suit doesn't catch fire quickly, and it burns slowly.
  • It safeguards the wearer from flash fire and doesn't melt on skin
  • It provides thermal insulation to keep heat out
  • Reduces the risk of injury, burn, damage and increases the chances of survival.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best FR Clothing Against Flash Fire manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our company follows the top manufacturing process that is essential for safe products. We provide a range of safety clothing, including fire entry suits and hot metal suits. We offer highly suitable suits suitable for firefighters and chemical workers. Our company manufacture flame-resistant clothing which protects firefighters from fire danger. Balaji Industries is the best and most trusted brand to buy fr clothing suits at a cheap price. We ensure that our products have top-of-the-line safety guarantees to protect firefighters. Standard products are readily available. We provide FR clothing Against Flash Fire at the most affordable prices. We also offer fire-resistant clothing for welding workers.


  • Protects from arc flash and flash fire
  • Reduces the risk of serious injuries and severe burns on the skin

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