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Aramid Shoes

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Heat Resistance Upto 500 degree
Material Utilize Aramid Fabric
Thread Aramid Thread
Color availability Accessible in a different color
Size availability Accessible in different sizes
Benefit Keeps the feet safe from cut, scratch and gives warmness, and heat
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Product Description

These aramids are lightweight and flexible but durable enough to withstand damage to the legs. The performance requirements are high to protect the legs from injuries and scorching heat. They are made of an amalgamation of aramid and polyester. Fire Aramid Shoes is the original shoe that has an anti-fire design. The airflow of these shoes has been enhanced, making them comfier to wear. They are ideal for working in fireplaces or doing workouts close to the flames. They can withstand extreme temperatures without harming their legs. They are constructed of an exclusive material that is flameproof and breathable.

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We are also known for Suit manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai and other safety products made by a tested and certified fabric that has been tested to strict standards. Aramid shoes are heat resistant, have low flame-ability, and are highly resistive against organic solvents. Aramid fibers begin degrading around 500 degrees Celsius. Its "inert" aspects of aramid fiber allow for a wide range of applications. The requirements for performance are very high to shield the leg from cuts and heat.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Aramid Shoes manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharastra, India. Balaji Industries prioritize the safety of the workers or the people at a high risk of getting injured and damaged. We have the best quality fabrics to manufacture the best quality products. You can get all types of safety products here at the lowest price.


  • High performance material for high durability.
  • Aramid material covers both thermal as well as electical insulation.
  • Aramid Shoes are metal free and so they are lightweight and comfortable to use.

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