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ARC Hood

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Used Aramid Fabric
Thread Material Kevlar Thread
Size availability Available in different sizes
Height 18 inches
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Product Description

The Arc Hood is rated highly among firefighters and welding workers. These hoods are also known as arc flash shields that protect or safeguard the wearer's face and head from arc flash dangers. The hood is manufactured and designed with premium raw materials that ensure quality and consistency. It's a piece of welding equipment that shields the wearer's head and face from arcs and permits them to view the welding. These arc hoods have the highest standard, ensuring their quality, durability, and safety when exposed to high-energy flashes.

Key Features of Arc Hood

  • Provides Ventilation

  • The arc flash hood provides excellent ventilation to the wearer. The additional feature benefits the wearer as it keeps the person cool. Traditional hoods did not have a ventilation facility, hence these arc flash hoods are much recommended.

  • Best designs available

  • The arc hoods are attractive and have the best designs. High-quality fabrics are used to create these designs for a long-term period.

  • Comfortable to use

  • This arc hood is made with skin-friendly material by using high-quality fabrics. These hoods are used with ease and comfort. These hoods are flame resistant and reduce the risk of severe injuries or burns.

Why Choose Balaji Industries?

We are among the industry's recognized names in ARC Hood manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We provide Arc Hood, Arc Trousers, Arc Suits, etc., to our customers. We have skilled workers and a group of professionals who have designed hoods. We offer a wide range of arc flash products at the best prices. We offer a wide range of arc flash products at the best prices. These hoods are light as well as restful. The hoods are made of top-quality materials. The safety aspect is the most important element of these protective hoods. The products are tested for providing guaranteed safety.


  • Provides ventilation for air to flow
  • Prevents injuries from flash, fire and explosion

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