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Cut Resistant Clothing

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Heat Resistance Upto 550 degree
Material Utilize Heat Resistant Fabrics
Color availability Accessible in a different color
Size availability Accessible in different sizes
Pattern and Design Long Sleeves
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Product Description

Cut Resistant Clothing is a protective garment and Apparel shielding firefighters from sharp objects. It has become essential to wear these clothes as any object or article can cause serious damage to firefighters. These materials are specially created to be more powerful than any standard fabric and withstand sharp knives, blades, and other cutting tools. Experts and professional firefighters can wear Clothing that provides enough safety.

Cut and stab resistant clothing

Clothing that can withstand stabbing and cuts can increase the protection rate. Anti-stab and cut-resistant clothing are the best garments to shield ourselves. These suits are made to be worn over clothing to keep you safe. The material is composed of a specific fabric that shields you from the sharp edges of knives. These suits are light in weight, meaning they are worn all day long. You should purchase these dresses from a trusted organization. Balaji Industries is the best and most reputed organization for manufacturing these safety dresses and garments.

Safety cut resistant clothing.

If you are employed as a firefighter or operate in industries, you have a high risk of cuts or injuries. Then Safety cut-resistant clothing is the ideal option for you. These suits are also resistant to acid, cuts, injuries, and oil. It is assembled of robust fabric that resists scratches and cuts. These garments are designed for people working in unstable industries. It is also flame-resistant and can resist high temperatures.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Cut Resistant Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer exceptionally light and adjustable safety articles. We offer the most high-quality and legal developments that are readily obtainable. We know the right standards in your field and the importance of being healthy and comfortable with Fire Clothes for employees. Our outgrowths are excellent protection for firefighters. We utilized the highest quality fabrics and textiles for making these firefighting Clothes. Also, we design these suits according to the height and fittings of the firefighter. We employ top-quality trained workers. We offer our Clothing at the lowest cost. Our product also include, fire entry suits, safety suits, chemical suits, safety gloves and shoes, etc.


  • Delivering the best thermal protection.
  • guarding against burns, cut, scratch, warmness, and heat
  • Preventing scrapes and abrasions.

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