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Cut Resistant Gloves

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Aramid fabric
Thread Used Aramid thread
Size availability Free Size
Usage Reuseable gloves
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Product Description

A glove that provides ultimate protection to hands from cuts, heat, and injury is a cut resistance glove. Cut-resistant gloves are made of tough-aramid, rubber, and polyester materials that are exceptionally long-lasting and suitably fit. These gloves can offer comprehensive protection and resist cuts from sharp blades, knives, and other everyday risks. The gloves are comfortable to wear and come in different sizes and fitting. These gloves are made of fabric materials also useful in preventing household items like sharp knives, scissors, and other sharp utensils. These gloves are used for any task that concerns cutting or the danger of scratches or cuts. Choosing the right organization for purchasing these gloves becomes essential. You can trust Balaji Industries. We are the best Cut Resistance Gloves Manufacturers. We offer these gloves at the lowest price.
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Levels of cut resistant gloves

High-quality, safe gloves are light and flexible, having the highest protection level. These gloves are useful when the wearer encounter objects, blades, chemicals, and other dangerous substances which are harmful. There are different ANSI tests for safety products. These levels can recognize every Safety garment by clearing these Ansi tests. There are different levels in which these cut-resistant gloves are divided. E.g., Level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The wearer can identify the protection levels of these gloves by observing the level numbers. Level 5 Cut resistant gloves are considered as best safety gloves.

Industrial cut resistant gloves.

Cut resistance gloves are used in industries, kitchens, and domestic purposes. Industrial cut resistances gloves are used by workers working in different industries or enterprises. Many a time there are lots of work which requires handling sharp objects. Without gloves, operating these materials becomes risky as it can damage or certain injury to hands. In this condition, industrial gloves came into the role. Workers can use gloves for safety protection or protect their hands and work safely. Balaji industries are the best industrial cut resistance gloves manufacturers.


Cut Resistance gloves are extremely important for Workers. These Anti Cut gloves offer enough safety, guaranteeing protection from poisonous cuts and chemicals. Good quality Safety gloves are essential for workers. Different types of cut resistant gloves are available for various intents according to demand. E.g., leather gloves, waterproof gloves, anti-puncture gloves, heat protective gloves, etc. Balaji industries provide the best chemical and cut-resistant gloves. We offer suitable mechanical hand gloves used by mechanical workers in industries.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Cut Resistant Gloves manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer durable and lightweight cut resistant gloves and other safety products required for firefighters and Workers. We also offer the most elevated products, ready for the international market. We make these gloves with good materials and textiles to avoid injuries from firefighters or workers. We are a well-known name in the manufacturing and Supplying Cut Resistant Hand Gloves. We provide the best Cut-resistant gloves, which are waterproof, and level 5 cut-resistant gloves that offer additional benefits to workers.

Features and Specification

  • Low price
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Not harmful for skin.
  • Long-lasting and Soft.
  • Suitable to use at home.
  • Also used by firefighters.
  • Best for Enterprises like industries.


  • Afforable, easy to store and easy to use
  • Guarding hands against burns, cut, scratch, warmness, and heat

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