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Fire Proximity Suit

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Nomex and Rayon
Pattern Plain (Silver)
Size availability Available in all sizes
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Fire Proximity Suit is a fireproof suit that firefighters can wear in emergency conditions to shield themselves from the danger of burning fire. The Suit shields you from burning heat and flames and can withstand high temperatures. These suits are weightless and simple to wear. It is composed of high-tech fabrics and numerous protective coatings. The Suit is worn with various accessories, including gloves and headgear for full protection. It also comes in different sizes ad fittings. The Fire Proximity Suits and Fire Fighting Suit are specifically designed to give the maximum amount of mobility. The Suit can withstand temperatures up to 3000 degrees. It also shields the wearer from smoke inhalation, a necessary precaution for firefighters when working close to flames.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are the satisfactory Fire Proximity Suit Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We expand and manufacture these suits with the best fabrics and textiles. Our corporation has first-rate professionals and teams of experts. These suits are available in diverse bulks. We use the best quality controls measures to ensure the protection of firefighters. The suits are available in large quantities and fit for genders. We provide fire proximity suits at the lowest expense. We offer safety products considering all factors inside our safety suits demand the protection of firefighters.


  • Protection in maximum tempreture
  • Helps in extinguishing outside fires, molten metal splashes

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