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Insulation Trouser

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Material Utilize Aluminium
Color availability Aluminium Silver
Size availability Available in different size
Origin Made in India
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Product Description

Firefighters need to be covered from head to toe in protective fire suits or gear, and it's important that they're not restricted in their movements. These insulated trousers will keep the firefighter protected and comfortable. They're made of a tough, durable material that will withstand the toughest environments. The waistband is adjustable and the bottom hem is reinforced for extra protection. The zipper and fly are made of a waterproof material to keep the firefighter dry and safe. These trousers also have two thigh pockets for storing important items like gloves, a walkie-talkie, or anything else they need to carry with them. This pair of insulated trousers is perfect for any firefighter who needs to be protected and comfortable while they're working.

Key features of Insulation Trouser

  • Insulated clothing material keeps the wearer warm in extreme cold or high temperatures.
  • It keeps a temperature flexibility in the wearers body
  • It provides more flexibility to the body.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

Balaji Industries are the best Insulation Trouser Manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We develop and produce these suits using fine fabrics and materials with top professionals of our company. The suits are available in various quantities. We employ the highest quality control measures to ensure the safety of firefighters. The suits are offered in large quantities and are suitable for both genders. We also supply fire-resistant suits at the lowest cost possible. We provide safety equipment considering that every aspect of our safety suits requires the safety of firefighters.


  • Protects from thermal and flame exposure
  • Helps in extinguishing outside fires and guarantees minimum injury

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