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Mitten Gloves

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Wool Fabric
Thread Used Wool thread
Size availability Free Size
Usage Reuseable gloves
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Product Description

The winter gloves are made of a tough synthetic fabric that is windproof, waterproof, and warm. The Mitten Gloves were created to keep your hands warm and dry. They provide a relaxing moment to allow your fingers to move comfortably. The mittens gloves are a clever method of assuring that your fingers and hands are warm. They are made of elastic and light material, allowing you to move your fingers without restriction. The mittens gloves are more comfortable than other gloves because they have less surface than other gloves. We manufacture different gloves that keep your thumb fingers apart from the rest of your fingers. Balaji Industries offer different types of mitten gloves applicable for different purposes and working. They are as follows, Kevlar Mitten Hand Gloves, Canvas Mitten Gloves, Rocksport Rappeling Mitten, Oven Mitten Glove, Leather Mitten Gloves, Kitchen Mitts Glove, oven mitten gloves, etc.

Mitten gloves for Men's and Women's

These Gloves are weatherproof gloves are designed to protect you from rain or winds. The waterproof wall prevents moisture from entering the hands and removes excess sweat. Mitts Gloves help keep your fingers close and warm than when gloves separate your fingers. You can put your mittens onto and off the lift without worrying about losing them. Mittens gloves are helpful when you move out the door for any purpose. These gloves act as cover for you. These Gloves are weatherproof gloves are designed to protect you from rain or winds. These gloves give you the ideal degree of warmth and comfort. The gloves are manufactured with soft materials. We offer a wide range of gloves to ensure that you choose the right pair that matches your winter attire. Balaji Industries is the best Manufacturers of Mitten gloves for Mens and Womens.

Mitten gloves for baby

A mother will be tension-free while keeping babies' hands comfortable by wearing these soft mittens. The fingerless pattern allows the little fingers as they explore. The fingers-free design of these mitten gloves for babies will allow your child to move fingers easily. These gloves are relaxing, soft, and made from excellent materials. They are made from pure fabric, which means that they're comfortable. Selecting a suitable company for baby gloves becomes essential for their hand's safety. You can trust Balaji Industries. We are the best Manufacturers of Mitten gloves for babies.

Why choose us Balaji Industries?

We are the top Mitten Gloves Manufacturer and Supplier from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer lightweight and comfortable gloves suitable for babies, men, and women. We offer top-quality developments, and standard ones are readily available. The most suitable option is to use protective gloves. We sell out Mitten gloves these gloves for sale at low prices. We ensure all safety measures while manufacturing these safety gloves. We use experts and professionals to eliminate errors to ensure safety.


  • Afforable, easy to store and easy to use
  • Guarding hands against burns, cut, scratch, warmness, and heat

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