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Non Aluminized Fire Entry Suit

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Material Form Aramid fabric
Color Range Different colors available
Size range Multi-sized(small, medium, large)
Grade For Firefighters
Origin Made in India
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Product Description

The Non Aluminized Fire Entry Suit is designed to protect firefighters from the hazards of entering a burning building. The suit is composed of three layers. The outer layer is made of Nomex, which is a fire-resistant material. The middle layer is made of FR cotton, which will help protect the wearer from heat. The suit also includes fire entry shoe cover and hood, which has a face shield to keep the wearer's face safe from smoke inhalation. The Non Aluminized Fire Entry Suit will keep the wearer safe and comfortable as they enter a burning building.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

Balaji Industries are well known as Non Aluminised Fire Entry Suit Manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. These are the best quality non aluminised fire entry suit for the firefighters. If you own a company with a risk of fire, burn, or flame to your workers, you must consider their safety first. These are the best fire entry suit and the best price.


  • Protects against heat and fire
  • Maximum heat protection material used

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