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PVC Chemical Suit

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Material Used High-Grade Polyester(PVC)
Color Range Multi-Colored
Size range Multi-sized(small, medium, large)
Grade For Firefighters and Chemical Workres
Creation Made in India
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Product Description

PVC fabric provides maximum protection against dangerous chemicals, toxic liquid, solid chemicals, protection from splashes of particles. The suite consists of a zipper front, sleeves, and boots for full safeguard. The hood and mask protect special protection against toxic stenches. This chemically-protective suite offers complete body safety, which separates it from the air to jacket and trouser sets.

The following suite has a separate air supply feature present at the back. These features allow workers to breathe comfortably. PVC suits are extremely useful in the chemical emergency used by Workers. Choosing the best manufacturer for PVC chemical suits becomes essential for the safety of Workers.

Pvc Suit Uses

These suits are designed to shield the wearer from dangerous chemicals. Chemical suits are protective suits used when working with hazardous chemicals or when a worker might contact chemicals. Some of these suits also have pockets to hold tools and other items. The suit is used to protect the body against harmful chemicals. The suit is assembled of top-quality PVC that is tough and water-proof. The suit is comprised of hoods, jackets, and pants. The hood is used to put over the head to provide complete protection.

Importance of Pvc Chemical Suits

It's important to wear safety suits while working in chemical factories. Higher risks are working with different chemicals. It is important to unnecessary danger to your health. Pvc chemical suits become necessary for workers who work in circumstances that have unsafe chemicals. The suit is made from incredibly long-lasting materials that offer an excellent safeguard against flames and chemicals. Buy these suits from a trusted company.

Why choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Manufacturers and Suppliers of PVC Chemical Suits from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. To fulfill all requirements of Industrial enterprises, We utilize excellent quality while manufacturing PVC Chemical Suits. These suits are made from superior grade PVC fabrics. We guarantee all safety for workers who wear our clothes.

These suits are elastic and designed not to face any issues while wearing them. We offer PVC chemical suits for sale at the lowest price. We also manufacture industrial purpose chemical suits. We offer these suits in different sizes range comfortable to any firefighters.


  • Relaxing fitting.
  • Restful to wear
  • Best for chemical workers
  • Fully safety features
  • Excellent materials used.
  • Low cost.

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pvc chemical suit manufacturers

pvc chemical suit manufacturers