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Aluminised Fibre Glass Apron

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Aramid, Kevlar Fabric
Color availability Accessible in different colors
Size availability Free Size
Thread Used Kevlar, Aramid Thread
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Product Description

This Aluminised Fiber Glass Apron is an apron made of heavy-duty material made to shield firefighters and workers. It's designed to provide your body's front side with heat protection. This apron was designed specifically for employees or workers directly in contact with heating sources. The apron is made of tough material that offers the most effective protection against heat. The apron is intended to be worn underneath protective clothing. It comes with reflective strips in emergencies and provides quick access. Due to its shape, the apron is worn at the waist with the straps that can be adjusted.
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Key Features of Aluminised Fiberglass Apron

  • Material used in this apron gives high protection to heat and radiant heat controls such as molten metal splash.
  • The fireproof apron is weightless, providing convenience & ease of working.
  • Aluminised Fiberglass apron reflects radiant heat to help wearers avoid burns when they reach in contact with hot objects for a quick period.

Why Choose Balaji Industries?

We are the best Aluminised Fiberglass Apron Manufacturers and Suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. Such heat protective aprons are specially designed to maximize the safety of the wearers from high temperatures, flames, molten metal splash. Balaji Industries provides the best quality products for you with a discounted price, the rates may vary as per the quantity. We understand the appropriate standards in your field and the value of being fit and comfortable for workers.


  • Afforable, and easy to use
  • It has a fire and flame retardant inner layer which will protect the user from flame and fire

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