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ARC Flash Protective Clothing

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Heat Resistant Fabric
Color availability Accessible in different colors
Size availability Available in different sizes
Heat Resistance Upto 850 degree
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Product Description

Arc flash protective clothing protects firefighters and workers against burning and harmful arc flash. Serious injuries or death can happen firefighters get in close contact with an arc flash. The ARC Flash Protective Clothes comprises pants, a jacket and gloves, and boots. Arc Flash Protection Clothing is used to keep safe from such incidents. The workers use such garments at the most risk of getting in contact with the arc fires. The suit is designed to make it easy to remove and on, while other components are made to ensure guarantee safeguard.

Why wear Arc Flash Protective Clothing?

Arc flash protective clothing generally includes a jacket, suit, and pants overall or clothing with a safety hood and safety glasses. This protective clothing helps the wearer to safeguard themselves from the most difficult situation, i.e., arc flash. Now understand why to wear this clothing -

  • Risks and safety measures

  • There is the maximum heat in the arc flash events, and if anyone comes in direct contact with high temperature, the person is at high risk of injuries or even death. High temperatures can also melt metal, so the worker needs to wear this arc flash protective clothing which has a chance of arc flash. The material used in this clothing is heat resistant and thus protects the wearer from arc flashes.

  • Arc Flash Suit

  • Arc flash clothes protect the wearer from arc flash damages, and thus the wearer needs to wear this suit while at high temperature.

    Product Specification

    • Arc flash consists of a jacket, safety hood, pants, and clothing coverall safeguarding the wearer's entire body.
    • The fabric used in the clothing is heat resistant, and even at high temperatures, it cannot cause major injuries.
    • Using a safety hood and hardhat is compulsory.

    Why Choose Balaji Industries?

    We are among the top Wearables with Arc Flash Manufacturers and suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer FR clothing against arc flash equipment, including arc hood, arc jackets, arc suits, arc trousers, etc., as nowadays people have become more aware of the danger caused by arc flash. We provide the top quality and standard items available from us. We know the right standards of your field as well as the importance of being healthy and comfortable for your employees.


    • It protects the wearer from major injuries and effects of arc flash
    • Fabirc is durable and can be used for long term

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