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Inherent FR Apron

Product Details

Brand Title Balaji Industries
Origin Made in India
Material Utilize Heat Resistant Fabric
Color availability Accessible in different colors
Size availability Free Size
Thread Used Aramid Thread
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Product Description

The Inherent FR Apron has been made to shield firefighters from inherent hazards that come with the work. The apron features a full-coverage and a long-length design. It's waterproof and protects against heat, chemicals, and other environmental elements. The fabric is not poisonous and is easily washable. This Industrial worker's apron is also designed to shield the wearer from injury. The front pocket is designed for small objects. It comes with a pliable neck strap and an adjustable waist strap to ensure a perfect shape. This industrial work apron is made of tough polyester fabric material to ensure high safety.

Why Choose Balaji Industries?

We are one of the leading Inherent FR Apron Manufacturers and suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. We specialize in developing and delivering solutions to firefighters, industrial workers, chemical workers, and others. These heat-resistant aprons have been specifically designed to increase the protection of the wearer from high temperatures, flames, and molten metal splashes. Engineering is an essential aspect of every business. Our team of experts at our firm is well-known for providing innovative solutions and designs that meet our customers' expectations. We are renowned for our bespoke and creative solutions that lower the costs of ownership of our clients. Our products are designed to meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations. Balaji Industries provides the best quality products at a discount, and the prices can vary according to the amount.


  • Afforable, and easy to use
  • It has a fire and flame retardant inner layer which will protect the user from flame and fire

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